Welcome to IConARD

Cutting edge innovation become current trend that effecting to human life and environment. The fast growing of innovation such as in technologies are enjoyed much by many sectors, including agriculture and environment. As the world’s population rapidly grows, so is the demand for food, this issue has strong relation to agriculture. Innovations can make agriculture be able to fulfil the food demand that increase drastically time by time. This innovations are not limited in the term of technologies. A numbers of innovations are currently can face different challenges in agriculture. From access to financial credits, curbing pest and disease, proper record keeping, weather forecasting, soil fertility test and access to market, there are a variety of technologies every step of the way that can solve some of the challenges.

Agribusiness and rural development are strongly related to innovations in agriculture. International Conference on Agribusiness and Rural Development (IConARD), the event is expected be able to bring idea regarding how to develop the sustainability of agribusiness and rural development which become the important part of agriculture and environment development.


Who Should Attend?

Attended by Undergraduates, Graduates/Postgraduates, Librarians, Study Abroad Advisors, Lecturers, Researchers, Professors, Policy Makers and Stakeholders etc. who care about agribusiness and rural development. The IConARD attracts experts from all sectors that has relation with agribusiness and rural development.


Why Should Attend IConARD?

~ Create national and international networks

~ Learn the latest research in agribusiness and rural development

~ Promote your personal and institution

~ Find future prospective research topic and collaboration partners